Unicard Ticket

Unicard Ticket is an innovative solution that supports ticket sales in an effective way. This solution facilitates ticket and product sales, access control and other operations in local business such as museums, exhibitions, events, among others.

The system operates on the interconnection of two main modules, the Manager and the Point of Sale. Tickets can be purchased at retail outlets or on any operator with internet access. Also, the Manager module can be accessed from anywhere, allowing the overall system configuration.

Point of Sale
Unicard Ticket allows the sale of pre-configured tickets or vouchers and corresponding print. Tickets are grouped into pages for easy organization and to simplify the sales transaction. Note that this solution allows you to define combined tickets with special prices for access to various museums or events.

This module allows the system manager, through a web interface, the configuration of all system parameters including insertion and modification operations and removal of tickets. Additionally, the manager interface includes tools that allows us to analyse in real-time, the events generated by the system and get the corresponding reports.