Unicard Kids

Unicard Kids is a management solution for primary schools and kindergartens. Aims to automate a number of processes related to booking and payment of meals and schedule extensions, allowing, in a decentralized way, the request of services, and the possibility of obtaining a centralized management of all the processes involved in a simpler and more effective way. The component of school transport is the final link in the system, allowing a fully integrated management.

Web Interface Management
Web interface that allows full system management including access by suppliers and schools, without the need of applications.

Meals appointments
Ability to schedule meals through a web portal or kiosks in locations defined by the management company.

Prepaid system
To each student will be assigned a card for meals and schedule extension payments. The card bill must be previously loaded, avoiding the need of invoicing and collection of bad payments.

Loading card
The card can be loaded using local operators, kiosks (notes and coins), through an ATM or credit card (from a web portal).

UniCard Kids Modules

Portal - Management
Allows you to set prices for meals and schedule extensions, access to users information, assign different levels of discounts/allowance, consult scheduled meals, access to the current user account, cancel appointments, view reports, among others.
Portal - Suppliers
The meals provider may launch on the system, the menus, consult and list the number of scheduled meals for school and/or cafeteria for validating billing.
Portal - Schools
Each school will have access to student records, to the scheduling meals, payment of schedule extensions, among others.
Portal – Student parent
The parent can query data and movements of the current account, the menu in the canteen, mark meals and pay schedule extensions.
Controls meals in a simple and effective way, including unserved meals, as well as meals planned for other days. In the case of an unmarked meal, it’s possible to register your consumption for subsequent debit in the current account.
From the kiosk, you can consult the movements of the current account, load money to the account, consult menus, book meals and pay schedule extensions.
You can load the school card through the ATM network or with a credit card using the web portal.