Smart Parking Systems

2013 - Smart Parking Systems
SEI project - Smart Parking Systems, fits in Notice No. 7 / SI / 2012, Project for Research and Technological Development (SI I & DT), within the Portuguese strategic program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

SEI project features are:
• Alarm on misuse of temporary or restricted parking places;
• Parking support, allowing display of free places;
• Support control for paid parking.

This system is intended to manage the parking lot, where there are parking places reserved, paid or even in outdoor with the indication of amount and location of free parking places.

The system should detect the occupation of parking places, and being restricted, verify if the user is authorized. Not being is issued an immediate alarm that allows an element (for example the hotel clerk) to be warned and be directed to the site to urge the offender to remove the vehicle. In the case of temporary parking the system must measure and record the start time and overtaking being detected, throw an alarm to an element capable of emitting fine payable. The system should include sensors that do not require the passage of cables on asphalt flooring and other elements to notice via phone or other mobile device. The identification of authorized vehicles (which do not generate alarms) intends to use a part to install in the vehicle (RFID identifier type), the Via Verde device itself or a license plate electronic identifier.