Pain Meter

2010 - Pain Meter
PainMeter is an autonomous electronic equipment for pain recording, comprising an interface for selecting the intensity of pain. The system notifies the moment of registration, it has a clock for dating, a non-volatile memory for data logging and parameter and a processing device interface. If necessary it is possible to wake up the device, select an intensity of pain according to the standardized scales and records the date, time and intensity of PAIN in a non-volatile memory. Access to data is made through a specific program running on the PC.

Scale of pain: The pain scale is divided into 11 levels (level 0 to level 10). You must enter level 0 when you have no pain and 10 if you feel an extremely strong pain. The scale used in this device has been defined by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Pain registration: You can insert the record level of pain on a voluntary basis or in response to an alarm set by your doctor.

Registration through an alarm: When an alarm occurs, the message PLEASE MAKE REGISTRATION, accompanied by an audible alarm is displayed. By reading this post you must make a record of the level of pain you feel at this moment. If it takes longer than 30 seconds to make the alarm registration is lost.