Mxreader is a decentralized access controller that allows login accesses control to an access point that can be associated to different users. The management is performed in a simple and intuitive way through the web interface provided by Mxreader when connected (Ethernet, ZIgBee or Wi-Fi), and allows the definition of users, groups, schedules, permits, among others.
In addition to the capacity of offline decision-making, the terminal can operate in mixed form and online, by connecting to a central service provided by the applications developed by Micro I/O - UNICARD or ERP system - with which this controller can integrate safely and reliably.



The MXREADER CARD MANAGED is a simple, safe and economic solution to manage all access at any point where it is installed. It can be configured with a programming card, in which you can define authorized users, door opening and closing times, among other actions.
The MXREADER ETHERNET STANDALONE is a standalone access controller, that operates autonomously, without needing to be connected to the internet. With the MXREADER ETHERNET application it is possible to store, query and export logs as well as to make advanced configurations, both in online and offline mode.