2011 - DHT-Mesh
The DHT-Mesh project uses services based on "Distributed Hash Tables" to make the DHT routing and seeking stations process less dependent on broadcasting messaging services, and as a result more scalable. The DHT used in the project work at the level of data link layer and are implementations distributed of "hash tables" that allow an efficient mapping of a key in relevant data.

This project addresses the scalability problem in two ways:
• First, eliminating the need to disseminate information to perform routing for points that are not from a network, which allows to significantly reduce the size of routing tables.
• Secondly, by creating "clusters", ie, clusters of neighboring points, allows the reducing of the number of messages exchanged by diffusion to perform routing between points on different "clusters".

Finally, the proposed WMNs services will be implemented on an application of health systems to monitor critical signals of patients, and to track both patients and physicians in a hospital setting. A location service to locate people in the WMNs environment will be added to the previously described DHT-Mesh services. This service is also key physical layer for a wide variety of applications.

From an economic perspective, this application to the health system is a highly relevant application domain that clearly suits the purpose of this project.
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