2008 - CIRaF
The project "Technology for Communication and Radio Frequency Identification" (CIRaF) was co-financed by the Operational Regional Centre Programme in Portugal, under the Incentives for Research and Technological Development.
This project was intended to strengthen and endogenize Micro I/O with a set of knowledge in the area of radio frequency identification (RFID), wireless communications and biometric identification systems.
The knowledge thus acquired fostered the product diversity of the company, while enhancing the evolution of existing products, giving them the ability to communicate using wireless technologies. Indeed, the inclusion of wireless communication significantly reduces installation costs of the Micro I/O systems, allowing the company to operate in a market with greater competitiveness.
CIRaF project gave a strong contribution to various products through the development of near-field communication technology, wireless WPAN and WLAN, reduction/optimization of energy consumption and communications security.