2013 - Agire
The Agire project is part of a triad of technological projects with software and hardware components, which is intended to revolutionize the management, teaching, school learning and the relationship between parents, teachers and students. The project has an application both in the Portuguese and international markets, in particular those which are priority targets of the consortium E-xample, particularly in Latin America and in all countries where Portuguese is spoken.

Agire project is a new platform for school management (ERP) integrated in a teaching and learning platform (LMS) with a perspective of building a new paradigm of integrated school management, supported by a management tool, which incorporates all the technological advances. With the incorporation of the latest requirements and functionalities identified by the research in the sector, Agire should provide a new platform for efficient management of school system, and for teaching and learning resources centered in the student, with a strong involvement of the community of teachers, parents and students.

This development has far-reaching implications within the various measures intended for the Digital Agenda in Portugal, in particular as what regards the improvement of literacy, skills and digital inclusion, contributing at the same time to a greater efficiency of public administration, especially regarding the quest for a better employment and education.
The consortium (Micro I/O, Inovar + AZ, ASA Publishers, Globaltronic and Department of Education of Aveiro University) aims, with the development of this project, to take a front position regarding innovation and the recognition of skills in this high competition sector, in Portuguese and spanish spoken language which are the reference market of the internationalization strategy of the consortium.
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